It is hot tub season and we welcome it with open arms.  I love the fall and meeting new hot tub clients.  With our stellar Maax Hot Tubs we know we have a quality hot tub that we can provide to new potential customers with confidence.

Being a small business owner, we ONLY represent products we have complete faith in the workmanship, quality, professionalism of the manufacturer, and aesthetics.  We have been at the Maax factory, have chatted with other dealers and took this line of hot tubs on 6 year ago.  We love this product and the company who manufactures it.

Why not come on out and chat.  We are happy to provide a no pressure approach to ‘why’ you would want the Maax tub and then we suggest you talk to all the others suppliers in the area.  We are confident you will be coming back.  I don’t mean that in a ‘cocky’ approach.  I simply recognize this hot tub is the bomb!

Looking forward to meeting you soon.