WOW the fall is just around the corner and we are thinking about back to school and getting back into a routine after the frenzy of summer comes to an end.

With fall we start to think once again about the benefits of a hot tub.  Our Maax Hot Tubs have been physician designed, have performance seating to ensure you get the best massage and that you are truly getting the benefit of therapy.  Not to mention that our Maax Hot Tubs have been Energy Guide rated which gives you the peace of mind that operating your hot tub over the winter months will be efficient.  Unlike some other companies who don’t spend money in ensuring that you have the best insulation available on the market.

With our Maax hot tubs they are applicance grade meaning you can remove the insulation, do any type of service work and put the tub back together and it’s EXACTLY  the same as when it left the factory initally.  This assures you that your hot tub can be easily repaired and your investment intact.  Once again saving you hugh dollars.

Come visit us to view our hot tubs and to sit in them to demonstrate how comfortable they are and how they will enhance your health, your ability to sleep and giving you some great family/couple time to connect after a long, stressful day!  Don’t you deserve to treat yourself?