Above Ground Pools


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Immersion On-Ground pools are affordable and versatile with the option to install aboveground, partially in-ground and or completely in-ground. Available in various sizes of Round, Oval, Decagon, Grecian and Octagon.

Custom crafted 14-gauge G-235 galvanized steel gives you the strongest panels available and the Clinch Lock panel fastening system keeps the galvanized coating intact, protecting against rust and corrosion.

Built for Life

The features of the Immersion On-Ground Pools ensures optimum resistance during the season harsh climates. You can choose between 42″, 48″ & 52″ wall heights as well as the option for 7′ Resin Top Rail (where applicable).

Strength & Stability

Buttress supports (where required) provide long lasting strength and durability in any soil condition.


Immersion Pools give you the option to have a step as opposed to just a ladder. With having a step it gives you the comfort of entering and exiting with ease as well as giving your Immersion On-Ground that polished look it deserves.

Less Expensive In-ground Alternative

Completely In-ground, half or on ground options, endless possibilities

Shapes & Sizes

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