Would you like to heat your pool to extend the season?  Wondering what the options are?

  1. Gas Heat (Natural Gas or Propane)
  2. Heat Pump
  3. Solar

What are the benefits, costs etc.

Heating your pool is based on pool size, ie quantity of water.

Gas is a very quick way to heat the water however with the quickness comes cost.  This is the most expensive way to heat the pool as gas costs continue to rise.

Heat Pump – takes a little longer than gas (in the Spring an extra day or two) however operational speaking is much less expensive over the course of the season.  With a heat pump you simply set your temperature and leave it there.  The heater will come on and off as required.

Solar – solar works to raise the water level 6-9 degrees or so over a number of days however when we really want the water heated is when it’s cool outside and/or raining which doesn’t allow the solar to work effectively as the sun isn’t shinning.  Benefit is that once you make the initial investment the rest is free.

For me, I want my pool heated when I want to swim.  I chose the Heat Pump.